Freelance web design vs. a professional company

You pay for what you get, right?

If you go on and expect to get a $1000 website, you’re going to be in for a long ride! The principles of success have always been there. If you want to have something professional, then hire a professional. It’s pretty straightforward. If you want to have a $5 job, then pay someone $5 for it, right?

When Napoleon Hill wrote his books, the first one of those being the laws of success which is a Great masterpiece and it goes in great length to detail what you must do to be successful, and then the other book that he wrote was thinking grow rich. Those are the principles that we try to follow here, and not just do a fly by day job. We pride ourselves in being pros, and not just offering any old service. What inspired us to do this was these books – basically these were the first self help books that really showed people that success is not random rather, it was just applying the certain principles over and over again till you became successful and achieved your goals whatever that might be. And for us, that meant being successful webdesigners.

For example, take a look at all the work we put into designing a site for Synthetic Grass Fresno. When they approached us to do their site, they absolutely and 100% knew what it took to make a professional looking, forward facing site.

That’s just one of the companies that sees the bigger picture. They see how that will affect their top line revenue. That’s why I wanted to write a quick post about them because I was so impressed at the success that they had in the perseverance that it took to get this up and off the ground and running. It takes a ton of sorting out the crap from the bad stuff, but when you see the finished product, it’s all worth it. Just like we told this particular company and are telling you now, you pay for what you get.

Here’s exactly what we say during our presentation and some of the comparison points:

Pro vs. Amateur web design- which is better?

I mean in all honesty, is this really a question? Is there any comparison? If you’re just a $5 type business then get $5 to pay for a crappy site. But let’s take a look at the differences: Continue reading

Are there any SEO shortcuts?

Many professionals in the SEO world are looking to cut corners when it comes to ranking websites. Google has already said that they will penalize sites for trying to manipulate search engines. They are looking for natural looking links that take time to build. That’s how the ‘interwebs’ are build, or the internet if you will. It’s an interconnecting grid of information and hyperlinks that build trust and credibility when linking to other sites.

Googles message is that they want to serve the most relevant information for the searchers intent.

That means they are RARELY if ever going to serve up any spam. Remember, this is the worlds smartest algorhythm and one of the richest companies in the world. Do you think just because you think you have a good idea or a way to scam google that they’re going to let you? HELL NO!

Of course not. Their computers are much smarter than your little mind. You can’t trick them and you can’t manipulate them. Yes, you can optimize your site for SEO, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to rank #1 over night.

It takes time.

And that’s what I think not a lot of people realize. They want results overnight. They want you to build them the dream in 2 days. That’s just not possible people, so slow your damn role’s down and lower your expectations for a second. If you’re just a little more patient, you will realize that even the most SEO strategies take at least 5-6 months. So just make sure you’re patient. That’s truly the key.  Continue reading

How to check if your website is optimized for SEO

There’s all kinds of talk about SEO and how to get ranked on Google.  The reality is that one of the most overlooked factors is the page optimized for the search engines.

What does it mean to be SEO optimized?

I’m glad you asked! 🙂

There is a checklist of factors that the website must pass that allows for it to be ranked as high as possible on Google. Or on any other search engine. One great tool for this is Bruce Clay’s 29 point SEO optimization checklist. He does a great job of explaining everything you know about on page optimization. We can talk about all search engines, but lets zero in on Google particularly….

How to optimize your site for SEO

So you want to make sure the following things are happening on your site. One of the first things is keyword optimization but not over optimization. That means you should use that he word lesson 15 times (according to on page optimization tool) but definitely at least once. If you try to do keyword stuffing, then it will recognize the unnaturalness of the context of that article or text on a webpage and actually rank the website lower.

So using A keyword one thousand times on the page isn’t going to be beneficial otherwise everybody would do it and everybody would ranked high. But it’s not that simple. You have great quality content and meet the searchers intent. You also have to use the headlines using different tags.

And preferably you have to use the key word in a headline. It’s also good if you use the key word in The domain, or at least the meta-description, or the slug which is the/after the domain.

Other factors that help on page optimization

Other ranking factors that are not relate directly to unpaid your visitation but are very important to our back-links. Back links are like votes to your site. The quality of links pointing to those sites are also important because you could actually spam the servers and to screw thousand sites and link them back to your side but that’s not going to do very much. Because Google wants your site to be built up naturally over the course of however long it takes us. They want people naturally sharing in organically sharing your content and your website so that the inter-web literally like a spiderweb builds up and makes it stronger. Because Google does not want to rank spam on their side. They also have penalties for people that spam including the user accounts IP addresses and websites that they do spam and spam from. Another factor for on page optimization is using the keyword in and out – image which is the text of a picture. And you can go into work press and figure out how to do that with any kind of tutorial. And one of the best tools that we can use for SEO optimization and back link tracking is Majestic. Majestic is not some tool that helps you with links, anchor text, another pretty cool features that isn’t really expensive, I think it runs less than $80 a month. Which I believe is an unbelievably valuable resource for any marketer in the online realm.

Examples of companies doing it right

Obviously, companies with bigger budgets are able to optimize their pages a little more than the little guy/ mom and pop shops. But that doesn’t mean the little guy isn’t going to be better off than the big guys, because bigger isn’t always better. For example, we did some work for Infinity Energy who has a presence throughout California, particularly Fresno, Sacramento, Chico, San Diego and the Central Valley. How are the able to outrank literally billion dollar competitors? Because we taught them how to optimize their site for maximum results. They followed the process and it’s working for them. We recommend you do the same. Continue reading

Ranking your clients on Google local maps.

Have you ever wondered what factors go into ranking a business on Google maps?

We want to share with you our expertise on how we consistently rank each of our clients on Google maps and amazing benefits that they received as a result. The first step in getting rained on Google maps is to have any Google business listing. This is a free account that you need to have a Google account for and to playmates and Google local section of user account. You also need to have this account verified for maximum results. If you need help with this, google has a great article out on it while making it the fastest way possible to get that going. This let’s Google and it’s users know that this is real business, because sometimes business change locations or go out of business but still have the listings online. Other people can go on and add a listing to the map section, but that isn’t necessarily going to be accurate and if it’s verified it won’t be as good for you.

How to verify your Google business listing

As we have said previously, you’re going to need to contact to send for a verification postcard. What they do is send you a piece of mail and you have all your contact information there and they give you a verification code that you enter a certain website that they give you and then you were verified. Third huge step and the Google local factor and equation is citations. Citations are basically just listings of your business on different directories have to contain your name address and phone number. What did Google algorithm is looking for is consistency most especially, then quality of the citation source, then quantity, domain authority of the citation source, Treslow the citation source, and other factors such as a video or contact person. Results of ranking high on Google maps. Google maps and Google local is considered a separate search engine. Because there are basically three aspects to Google.

  • First is the ad words section, which is the top section, which many people don’t realize are you and add some cells. But they still have less than 1% CTR though.
  • Second, especially for local title searches, which means that you add a location in-such as tree service San Diego, you have basically three locations to come up on the “first page” and you also have rankings would show how many do you have. Pending on the complexity of the purchase and the research that needs to be done, many people will be on the first page.
  • Then the last part of organic searches is the organic section

And that is a different beast which I won’t write on now but will the future because there’s all kinds of factors that go into it. But that should give you a good start as to how to get ranked in and get your local clients ranked on Google maps. Oh yes and one great resource for this is They have a great local listing section and I’ll kinds of tools for local businesses. I would highly recommend them for checking out competition and using it to complete your citation listing, which should skyrocket you up the Maps rankings.

How to sell to business owners (who need your services)

If you are in business for yourself, free lance or anything similar, or you are an entrepreneur and even a graphic designer or A web designer, you need to learn how to work with business owners.

Even if you don’t like it, you need to learn how SELL to them, becuase revenue is what makes the business world go around. Not just revenue, but profits. It doesn’t mean that money is the most important thing, but it’s very important to make your business work. Otherwise you have to close your doors and you won’t be helping anyone ever again! So selling is key.

And here it Zio Pro, we are a business but we sell our business to other business owners. And if you want to stay in business you have to learn how to do that essentially. No other way around that, unfortunately.

Regardless of whether not you have a full-fledged business or you are just a smaller indy and a freelancer. So the first thing you have to understand is how certain business owners operate. Some people especially in a local markets are just absolutely stupid. We’ve learned that the hard way. They are lazy and they will not do anything any other way other than the way they think it should be done because they think they know everything people we know guys in pool service that get mad at us for sending them more than 50 leads a month.

We knew some dumbasses who had absolutely no risk whatsoever and paying for 100 leads per month, they pay $250 for four sales out of those 100 leads. It’s not just unbelievable that the closing rate is a measly 4%? When the average closing rate for ANY business or sales person is 6%, according to this SalesForce Study. It just blows my mind absolutely so you have to understand how these business owners work. A lot of them again even if you had the money were awesome work they don’t care. So you have to work with shakers and movers. You have to work with people that want to actually grow their business and who are willing to take chances and who really want to improve. Have to work with people that don’t mind actually making money. Because some lazy fucks out there are so stupid they don’t even want to make money. Continue reading

How to design a really cool graphic yourself

Graphic design has changed so much over the past even 15 years. I mean seriously, look at the image we copied in the article. Someone did that in less than 10 minutes!!

image created in less than 5 minutes

image created in less than 5 minutes

The computing power of just a single laptop, and now even a smart phone which can fit in the palm of your hand has more power than we could have ever imagined. Graphic design has changed since 15 years. I mean when I think 15 years back, I was 14 years old. And the computers back then we’re just so unbelievably slow compared to now. Member they had some pretty interesting little graphic design Application or programs or whatever that you could use. I believe it was like Microsoft paint very basic. But now there are some very advanced yet very easy to use applications for any laptop whether that be a Mac or PC. The first and most basic is still my paint. Really easy to edit photos and do a little bit of graphic design on there. The next is gimp. Gift is a free resource really really like. You can download it for free at you can do a lot of things similar to adobe Photoshop. Which brings us to our next graphic design software which is Photoshop. Why haven’t really use Photoshop because of the expense, and a lot of people don’t realize that but I preferred to use the free option so many of the same similar things.

** WAIT**

You know what is SO crazy right now? T

he Mac version I have in mind- I cannot even think, probably so late at night and I’ve been working all day on designing websites and writing articles, but I cannot even think what the heck that is. Since I’m in the car right now I can’t even check hopefully I’ll have time after I posted. As far as tutorial those video on how to use it. Sometimes if you just take courses and learn on the go YouTube video showed you going of after I posted. As far as tutorial those video on how to use it. Sometimes if you just take courses and learn on the go YouTube videos by the way I did showed you going to school for four years and wasting $100,000 and going into debt. So think about that when you’re designing a graphic- that you don’t need 100k in debt to make it as a graphic designer, you just need a marketing plan and a good idea of what niche you want to go into.

Top Online Marketing Tips

Welcome to the website where we discuss everything online marketing related. Some of the things will be discussing will be online marketing, digital marketing, video marketing, SEO, ad words and paper click ads, social media marketing, and anything else in the digital realm. So there is a whole host of things to write on and will be sharing with you our expertise and our pinons as well as some, who articles that anybody can enjoy especially those in the marketing field. A lot of people ask us what does it take to be a good marketer, and we definitely tell them there are some technical things that they should know, But they’re awesome so also some intangible things that are even more important. The things that were talking about our heart-which means having deep desires the right mindset the right willingness to persevere no matter what the cost of achieving something, the right mindset which does not. Except failure as an option.

Other intangibles include passion for your work. This is very important to comes to being a successful online marketer. And then of course there are the technical aspects which can be definitely described in this video below telling you how you can optimize videos for your business:

Another great resource for optimizing videos is from a Place called Reel Seo, and here’s their video SEO page:

You definitely need to dedicate yourself to excellence. You need to constantly be learning and reading about the best online marketing tips and I just reading and philosophizing about what might work for an exit find what you know if testing testing testing everything. Actually getting out there and doing something instead of hoping things are going to happen by magic will actually get you some good online marketing results.we are really excited to share this knowledge with you that we have, on this blog and in different articles as well as some videos that we might share with you. Please stay tuned and will be coming out with our first blog post regarding our top 10 tips sometime in the next day or two.